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Are Missing Teeth Plaguing You? Visit Dr. Geoff Shaffer in Winnipeg!

If missing teeth are an issue for you, Dr. Geoff Shaffer’s dental clinic in Winnipeg provides several methods of treatment, including dental implants, bridges, crowns and dentures.

Dental Implants are Artificial Roots

If your natural teeth aren’t strong enough to support a bridge, sometimes dental implants may be necessary. A dental implant is an artificial root that gets inserted into your jawbone. Dental implants help replace missing teeth with a natural tooth-like appearance. You must have healthy gums and bones strong enough to support an implant.

Dental Bridges “Bridge” the Gaps between Teeth

Dental bridges are used to help restore aesthetics and function and are supported by your remaining natural teeth, dental crowns or dental implants. Traditionally, a crown or implant is placed on either side of your missing tooth and a bridge is used to help bridge the gap in-between.

Dental Crowns Restore Shape & Function

Perhaps your tooth isn’t missing but is significantly damaged. A crown (or cap) is often used to restore the shape, function or appearance of teeth. A crown covers the damaged tooth with a hollow, artificial tooth.

Removable & Implanted Dentures

Whether you’ve lost your teeth to illness or injury, dentures are prosthetic teeth that are worn by patients of all ages. They can be removable or implanted depending upon your personal preferences and can be used to replace upper or lower teeth. Custom-fitted to each patient’s mouth, dentures help restore aesthetics and function. They can allow you to chew better, while also improving your appearance and the clarity of your speech.

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